Fitting Process

Garforth Golf Range offers a first class Custom Fitting Centre with state of the art technology and 100’s of options allowing us to custom fit all golfers. Our professionals have massive experience and can be trusted to improve you game with the correct equipment and specification.






Trackman and Flightscope launch monitors which accurately measure your swing data allowing us to find your swings optimal data. The Mizuno swing DNA shaft optimiser is also available to find suitable shaft options based on your swing.







Here at Garforth Driving Range we have been selling golf clubs for over 27 years and have forged strong relationships with the leading brands in golf hardware.


Titleist, TaylorMade, Callaway, Ping, Cobra and Mizuno





Custom Fit process



Introduction – At the beginning of the custom fit process the custom fitting specialist will run through the process then ask some questions about your game, your current equipment and what you are looking to achieve from the fitting.



Testing – After an initial look at your equipment and data shown on the launch monitor a recommendation will be made on head type, lie angle, shaft and shaft length. This is where Garforth Driving Range custom fit process comes into its own due to the brands and variety of heads and shafts we have for you to try.



Analysis/Selection – Once we have collected data from a variety of brands and an overview of their performance we will find the equipment that offers the optimum performance. From the analysis we will also recommend the correct set make-up so there are no distance gaps in your golf equipment.



Order – The custom fitting process is now complete and you can now complete your order. You will either take your news clubs home on the day or we may need to order due to the specification.