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Phil Boag is a PGA Golf Instructor with incredible experience

Phil is a fully credited Titleist Advanced, PING AFS, TaylorMade, Callaway and Mizuno club fitter.Phil has 20  years teaching experience and is passionate about custom fit, his knowledge and expertise of shafts is second to none.


James Whitaker is a PGA Professional who graduated from the University of Birmingham. James is a well-respected coach working with all levels of golfers, currently the Leeds and District Head Coach. He is a Nike Golf Ambassador with a great reputation for custom fitting, having fit over 50 European tour pros

Experience, Knowledge and Real Choice...

We are proud to have been chosen by every one of golf's top 10 manufacturers to custom fit their range of golf equipment including Callaway, Ping, Titleist, TaylorMade, and Mizuno.

All our Professional staff have many years of fitting experience and are extensively trained by the manufacturers to highest possible standards to be aware of all the features and benefits of every product.

Our range based performance centre enables us to give our customers real choice. We are totally independent and have no loyalty to a particular brand, unlike many other retailers.

Independent & Unbiased....

Its not about what we like or which manufacturer gives the most "incentives" to our team, it's about what works best for each individual golfer that matters. This is why we provide customers with information and stats to enable them to make an informed choice.

Using these along with "state of the art" FlightScope launch monitors, and our vast hands on experience, we are best equipped to provide our customers with the correct specification and best performing equipment on the market. Golfers of all abilities will benefit from custom fitting.

Having your fitting outdoors on the range leaves out the guess work and gives visual confirmation that you are getting the best.

Why would you have a fitting indoors? Hitting balls into a net 10 feet away where the readings provided are only estimated isn't the level of accuracy your game deserves.

FlightScope 3D Doppler Tracking Golf Radar

Flightscope is not a simulator. Golf is played outdoors, not on simulators, so why get fitted on one? Flightscope is a tool that provides both the fitter and customer with information. The amazing "FlightScope Kudu" is a Doppler Tracking Radar unit that tracks the ball for the entire trajectory in 3D (elevation angles, horizontal angles and velocity) all the way until it lands.

Accuracy for carry distance is typically within 2-4 yards at 250 yards and within 1-2 yards at 150 yards. The actual spin on the ball is measured directly and shot, which relates to the side spin. It is measured directly and not calculated (or guessed) like most other launch monitors.

The FlightScope Kudu actually tracks the club movement in 3D without having to attach anything to the club. Not only does FlightScope Kudu measure club head speed at impact, it also measures the club head speed profile throughout the strike zone. It also measures the angle of attack in both vertical and horizontal directions. Bring your own clubs to compare, and if we can't find any worthwhile improvement we will not try sell you anything, this is how we work have done for 20 years. Our Flightscope experience is only £20 and is money well spent. 

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